6 Creative Ways To Say Thank You To Our Cebuano Frontliners


Our Cebuano front liners are the real heroes of these trying times. How do we say thank you to our doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, delivery folks, grocery store employees, policemen, and many others for keeping us safe?


We’ve got a few ideas:


Send them a care package!


Frontliners like doctors and nurses care for a lot of people, but who’s taking care of them? Be the person they need by sending them a thoughtful care package.


Care packages are like gift baskets, but more personalized. And no, they don’t have to be super fancy. When putting together a care package, a little goes a long way. Here are a few things that you can include in your care package:


  • Their favorite comfort food (think: cookies, small chocolate bars, gummy bears, and similar snacks)

  • Scented hand cream to keep those hands soft and supple

  • Vitamin C to boost their immunity

  • A bottle or two of their favorite drink

  • A huge pack of Salonpas (or haplas of choice!) to soothe their poor muscles

  • A cute pair of socks to go with their work attire

  • A water bottle or mug to make sure they stay hydrated!


Put all these together and boom: you’ve got the perfect care package. Send these to your frontliner friends to make their day.

Treat them to a staycation


Our frontliners work in high-stress environments. They literally run towards danger when most folks run away from it. Help them relax and tune out for a day or two by treating them to a stay-cation! 


Cargotel Travel Inn’s rooms are decked out with everything they need for a proper stay-cation:


  • Clean, well-appointed rooms

  • Comfy beds

  • Hot and cold shower

  • Fast internet

  • Multiple power outlets for their devices


The best part?


Cargotel offers a unique Anytime Check-in option, so your friends don’t have to waste a day of their precious time off. Simply take advantage of this feature and have them check in whenever they please. Click here to check out our rates.

Pay for their entertainment subscriptions


We could all use a Netflix subscription these days. Treat your front liner friends to a month of exciting series, cute K-dramas, and excellent local movie choices by paying for their Netflix subscription this month.


Wanna take it up a notch?


Get a Spotify family plan for you and your friends so they can enjoy their commute playlist without ads. You save a lot of money and get good music, too. It’s a win-win for everybody.


Surprise them with their fave food


Who doesn’t want to have free lunch, especially in the middle of a busy shift? Sending your frontliner friends their favorite food as a surprise can surely make their day.

PS: Please don’t order a bunch of food using the Cash On Delivery (COD) method. We’re trying to be nice here, people!


Give the gift of relaxation


Since treating your friends to a good massage or spa isn’t possible right now, why not bring the spa experience to them?


You can gift them with items that can promote relaxation like diffusers, scented candles, aromatherapy oils, or a trusty a neck massager. All that’s left to do is add some ambient lighting and relaxing music, and there you go: a spa experience right at home.

Support their causes


Nothing says “I care for you” than supporting one’s causes. If you have frontliner friends, do your part to protect them while on the job by donating PPEs or supporting petitions to give them better benefits. It’s the perfect way of showing that you’ve got their back.

Over To You!

We owe a lot to our frontliners. They put their lives on the line to keep us safe. The least we could do is give back a little.

How do you say “thank you” to our frontliners? Drop a comment below or tag us on social media to let us know!