Cebu City may have taken a hit during this pandemic, but after many months of quarantine, it’s finally preparing to bounce back stronger and wiser than ever. “New normal” protocols in place, which means you have to suit up and be ready.


The world’s just not the same as it was several months BC (Before Corona). That said, we’ve compiled a list of all the cool things that should go into your New Normal Starter Pack. Check it out:




Masks help prevent the spread of the virus and protect the vulnerable members of the population. Most cities and establishments require you to wear a mask when out in public, so never leave home without one! As a precaution, bring extra masks in your bag, too, because as they say: you can never can tell, bai.


There are different types of masks that you can get for your starter pack:


  • Surgical mask - these are the thin, disposable masks that you see most people wear. Surgical masks filter large particles in the air and help prevent the spread of germs from when someone sneezes, coughs, or talks.  


  • N95 - as the name suggests, the N95 mask can filter 95% of super-small particles in the air. They’re quite heavy-duty, which also makes them more expensive than the surgical mask. If you can get your hands on an N95, good for you! If you can’t, they’re probably being given to healthcare workers who need additional protection, so don’t feel too bad.


  • Cloth masks - cloth masks may not offer the same protection as the N95 but let’s face it, they are way cuter. They also still help prevent the spread of the disease by trapping droplets.


Remember: wear your mask properly by covering your nose and mouth! And no, they don’t cause any breathing problems.




Not the one you drink (although we could really use one of those right now). We’re talking about 70% alcohol to sanitize your hands, packages, and high-touch surfaces like door handles, tabletops, and light switches. 


PRO TIP: Buy alcohol in large quantities to save money. You can get them in 1-liter or 1-gallon containers and just “repack” them into small spray bottles. Stow these spray bottles in your bag, purse, or pocket for easy storage.

Disinfectant wipes


Can’t spritz on alcohol? Clean surfaces with disinfectant wipes instead! They’re similar to baby wipes, save for their antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Use these to wipe down grocery carts, car doors, and other things that you might touch when you’re out and about. 




Face shield


Face shields may make you look like a welder, an anime character, or both but there’s no denying that they offer additional protection. You can get affordable acetate face shields in your local stores, or order the sturdier acrylic ones online.

Keychains that help you avoid touching surfaces



ATMs, elevators, door handles, and light switches are notorious for harboring all kinds of germs. When you’re out, avoid touching these surfaces by using your knuckles to push buttons, and your shoulders, back, or feet to hold doors open.


If you wanna save yourself from the hassle, though, you can also get these non-contact keychains to do all the touching for you. You can use these to push buttons, open doors, and pull drawers without a hitch. Pretty cool, right?

Transpo cards



Planning to take public transportation like buses, e-jeeps, and BEEPs anytime soon? Most modern means of transportation will require contactless payments, so make sure you have a transpo card with you. This way, all you have to do is tap the card to get a ride, and you’ll have little to no contact with others on the bus.


If you’re planning to use a ride-hailing service like Grab or Angkas, top up your app’s wallet and opt to pay cashless, too. It saves you a lot of time and energy, plus you might get access to promos and discounts.


Wait, what if I’m taking a jeep with no cashless payment systems set up? Well, until they do come up with a system, you’ll have to kick it old-school. Make sure to prepare your exact fare, and keep your loose change in a separate coin purse so it doesn’t touch the rest of your belongings. Spritz on some alcohol right after handling money, too!


The New Normal Is Here


The pandemic may have upended life as we know it, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. We can adapt to change and bounce back stronger than ever before. Hey, even our hotel has new policies in place to make sure that everyone’s safe when out traveling. Let’s all do our part to thrive in this “new normal”.


What’s inside your new normal starter pack? Share this on social and let us know!