The island of Cebu welcomes almost 6 million tourists each year and they come in all shapes and sizes. Which type of Cebu traveler are you? Find out below!


The Certified Tourist


Can’t Live Without: Full itinerary of Cebu tourist spots, a camera, and Google Maps

Find Them At: Popular tourist destinations like Magellan’s Cross, Mactan Shrine, and Taoist Temple.


It’s not hard to spot The Certified Tourist; they’re most likely the ones toting three different cameras and wearing Cebu-themed shirts. And is that a whale shark keychain dangling off their “I left my heart in Sumilon” fanny pack? Very likely indeed.


The Certified Tourist loves everything about our little island: from the cheap food, the gorgeous beaches, to the laid-back hangouts in the city. They love Cebu so much that they need to experience as much of it as possible, so they keep a handy-dandy checklist of all the destinations they have to see before their return flight.


If you’re a Certified Tourist, make sure to stay in a hotel that’s accessible (first-time Cebu visitors may find our jeep codes confusing!), and to tag a local friend along to take your #travelgoals photos.

The Foodie


Can’t Live Without: Smartphones for foodstagramming and vlogs, and their best pair of stretchy pants

Find Them At: Carcar Lechon Market, Sugbo Mercado, street food corners


You can trust The Foodie to eat everything...from ginabot to halo-halo and all the food groups in between. They could probably host their own mukbang show if they put their mind to it.


These folks love trying out new places, so if you’re traveling with one, you gotta think on your feet and be ready to take them to any of the awesome food places in the city.


One of our go-to food destinations is AS Fortuna. This gastronomic goldmine is for the adventurous eater: you’ve got Mimosas for brunch, Matias for some barbecue, Fat Dois for cheesy ribs and buldak, Balai for a laidback coffee date, and numerous arcades that have every cuisine imaginable.


This long stretch of road is only a few minutes from Foodland and Sugbo Mercado as well, making it perfect for every foodie. Just make sure to chew properly and have a Yakult or two after each meal!

The Budget Backpacker


Can’t Live Without: Their trusty 40L backpack

Natural Habitat: Wherever you can have fun for free


For The Budget Backpacker, fun doesn't have to mean expensive. They love the challenge of getting the most out of every trip, even with a shoestring budget.


But hey, cheap doesn't have to mean bad!


These kids are actually the best companions if you wanna nab cheap flights, book cozy but safe accommodations (somewhere that offers anytime check-in options!), and have a great time just living in the moment.


The Budget Backpacker is insanely good at finding adventures that don't need entrance fees, namely: making friends, basking in the local culture, and having a blast every day. If you wanna have a crazy good time without spending a fortune, travel with a Budget Backpacker. You won’t regret it.

The Eco-Warrior


Can’t Live Without: Their reusable water bottles, bamboo utensils, and eco-bag

Natural Habitat: Beach sides, campsites, and their favorite vegan restaurants


The Eco-Warrior believes that traveling doesn’t have to hurt Mother Earth. In fact, they go out of their way to promote sustainable tourism and conscious consumption. Trust the Eco Warrior to gravitate towards places that hold the same values. They love staying at establishments that have reusable bottles, organic supplies, or use upcycled materials.


Cargotel Travel Inn offers all of these amenities and more. Say goodbye to single-use plastic: this eco-friendly hotel located in the heart of Banilad features soap and shampoo dispensers, plus free unlimited water refills. The hotel also features other products made of recycled paper, wheatgrass, carbon, and organic glue which can all be dissolved in liquid over time. Pretty cool, right?

The Biz Peeps


Can’t Live Without: Their laptop, fast wifi, and a full spreadsheet of to-do’s 

Natural Habitat: A quiet cafe or coworking space


The Biz Peeps are out to get that bread! They like being productive, so you can often find them typing away in front of a laptop, or meeting with business partners over a cup of coffee. They love creating opportunities and connections that ultimately help Cebu grow.


When they’re not working, you can find The Biz Peeps sneaking away for a quick day trip to the beach, or staying in their comfy hotel room with fast WiFi, binge-watching the latest Netflix hit.


The Sugbuanon At Heart


Can’t Live Without: Cebu!

Natural Habitat: Cebu!


You know what they say: you can take the Sugbuanon out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the Sugbuanon.


And this is what this traveler is about.


They could have grown up here or have had that one life-changing trip that’s made them return to Cebu over and over. The Sugbuanon At Heart thinks ginabot and tuslob buwa are a food group, knows the jeep codes by heart, and can haggle around Carbon Market like a boss. They might even have a suki larangan at Pasil for all you know.


For The Sugbuanon At Heart, Cebu is their personal island paradise. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been away. Its streets and beaches and mountains will always be home to them.


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