When the quarantines in Cebu started, everyone thought that adjusting our work setups and working from home was going to be a breeze. Imagine:


No work commute

No traffic

No extra food expenses

No need to wear pants in meetings!


However, as time wore on, we all realized that working from home is actually not as easy as it sounds.



There’s the constant struggle to concentrate while your neighbor is blasting the karaoke in full volume. There’s your mom going on a litany of why no one ever does chores in this house (“Unsa ko, maid??”). There’s...well you get the picture.




But not to worry! Here are 5 tried-and-tested tips to help you ace your WFH set up like a true pro:

Make sure to have a designated work area


Our comfy beds are made for rest and relaxation.

Having a dedicated working area helps you stay organized and allows you to focus on your daily tasks better. For most folks, this area could be a desk, but you could also designate a specific part of your couch, your favorite sofa, or a folding table in your bedroom as your “workspace.”

Setting up an area creates clear, physical boundaries between your work life and home life. Make sure that all of your work happens in this designated workspace so that your brain can “log off” or “clock out” at the end of the day. This helps prevent WFH fatigue.

PRO TIP: Don’t work on your bed! It sounds like a dream, but working in a place where you should literally be resting can actually lead to poor sleeping patterns and decreased productivity.


Invest in a good chair

That monobloc chair is good for tagay sessions but it’s a huge no-no when you’re working from home. When you’re in a WFH setup, investing in a good office chair is a must. Your back will thank you for it. An ergonomic office chair helps you keep a good posture and prevents back pain, muscle problems, and posture issues in the long run.

When choosing a good chair, make sure that it’s got a comfortable seat, and that both your feet rest flat on the ground. Your chair’s height should match your table’s; a good chair should have your elbows at a relaxed 90-degree angle while typing on your computer. Keep your desktop or laptop screen at eye-level to prevent neck pain while you’re at it!


If you don’t have the cash to spend on a fancy new chair, there are lots of surplus shops that sell second-hand office chairs at a very cheap price, so don’t hesitate to check them out. 

Photo: Hermanmiller.com


Keep your area neat and clean

(Just like our rooms, your work area should be neat and tidy, too.)

Your work area should reflect your mind: clutter-free and clean. A messy workspace can lead to distractions, and when you’re distracted, you’re not productive.

Keep your space neat by using stuff like a cable organizer to tame those unruly computer wires or drawer trays to keep your desks tidy. Getting rid of visual clutter will help you focus and do a better job!

Take a break from Zoom meetings

Zoom fatigue is real. While this tool helps you interact with your workmates remotely, you can’t deny the fact that it can get pretty exhausting over time.

Do yourself a favor by taking a break from Zoom meetings. Go on a digital detox at least once a week to replenish those introvert energies. If you really can’t avoid them outright, make sure to schedule your meetings strategically. Coordinate with your team and assign specific “Zoom Days” where you can plot your Zoom conference calls. This frees up other days of the week for some much-needed “me time”

Treat yourself to something fun at the end of the workday

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t get to treat yourself after a long day. Reward yourself at the end of the week with a good series to watch, yummy food, or a well-deserved staycation at your favorite local hotel.

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