Listen, we miss pre-pandemic Cebu like a limb. After spending more than a hundred days cooped up inside our homes, stressed out and unable to do "normal things", it’s only understandable that we’re all feeling a bit emotional.

Ready to do some reminiscing?

Here are some of the things we miss about living in the Queen City of the South, pre-COVID:

Spending a nice long day at the beach


What is Cebu known for? Beaches. Stretches of white sand and blue sea.

We miss the sun on our skin, the sand on our toes, and the satisfying taste of washing down sinugba with ice-cold Coke after a quick swim.

We want nothing more than to throw on our swimwear, drive to the beach, get some puso and cold beer along the way, and just spend the day chilling on the beach with friends. A round of competitive karaoke? Sure. Impromptu island hopping? We’re down for it!

We just wanna make up for those lost summer months, okay? Whether it’s taking a morning bike ride around Bantayan Island, snorkeling in Moalboal, or heck,  even a quick day trip to Mactan--- we can’t wait to get back to it all.

Photo Credits : IslandTravel XP Tours

Eating elbow-to-elbow with other folks at a pungko-pungko


When was the last time you sat down and had proper ginabot? Or better yet--- when’s the next time you’ll get ginabot?

These days, eating street food the old-school way has become a luxury. It makes us miss picking a strategic table, piling our paper plates high with fried food, and asking for extra onions in our sauce. Don’t get us wrong---food deliveries are cool and all, but nothing beats getting the full experience.

It might be some time before we can safely take a seat at the ginabot spot behind Sampaguita Suites and order our favorite combo (ginabot, puso, ngohiong ug Sparkol), but hey, we’re holding out hope that it will happen sooner than later.

Photo Credits : Ian The Pedestrian

Going on a road trip!


It’s hard to imagine our roads without checkpoints, but once upon a time, these same roads were wide open and we could go on trips whenever we wanted.

Don’t you just miss looking out of the Ceres bus window, road trip playlist on, and imagining you were in a music video? No? Just us?

How about going for a drive to Busay, all the way up to Tops, and watching the city lights shine like diamonds--- just like that Urbandub song from your (very emo) youth?

We miss road trips like crazy. It would be nice to travel again.

Photo Credits : Destination Specialits

Waiting for friends inside the mall


When was the last time you texted “Asa na ka?” that wasn’t to a delivery guy?

When the pandemic hit, grabbing a random seat at Food Choi in Ayala while waiting for your friends seemed impossible. Malls closed down, public gatherings were banned for our safety, and we all turned to Zoom to ease the isolation.

Which is okay and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to meet up with friends again? Dine in your favorite restaurant, catch a movie, and then hit a drive-thru for some midnight snacks after the last full show?

Or maybe hang out for hours, share a round of drinks, and then head out to your favorite pocherohan to stop the hangover before it happens?

We’d love to see it again.

Photo Credits : Ayala Cebu


Going on staycations


For a lot of us, going on staycations was the perfect break from real life. You didn’t have to travel far or spend a fortune to tune out the world for the weekend! With the advent of Corona, however, going on a mini-vacation seemed like a stretch, which is a shame because we have a lot of affordable but high-quality hotels here in Cebu City.

When this is all over, remember to treat yourself to a nice weekend at an awesome hotel. It’s the perfect way to celebrate getting through these taxing times!

Over To You


Remember: things weren’t always stressful and uncertain. Sure, we’re experiencing some very strange times, but never forget that we’re also living in a place full of good things. We have so many things to look forward to: travel, seeing friends and family, good food, and a whole lot more.

The things we’ve listed in this article are just barely scratching the surface. Keep your chin up--- better things are coming our way.

What do you miss most about Cebu? Let us know in the comments and share this article with your friends!